Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three-fold increase in cyber crime complaints

There had been a three-fold increase in the number of cyber crime complaints this year with a total of 90 compared to the corresponding period last year wherein there were only 31 petitions.

City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu told reporters that of the 90 complaints received this year, 40 had been resolved and investigations are on into the remaining 50 cases.

Of the 90 complaints, 40 pertained to obscene calls and SMS, 19 relating to obscene e-mails and threat, 10 regarding mobile phone and laptop thefts, eight relating to online money transfer and ATM card cheating, seven relating to website cheating and misusing, four pertaining to online lottery and job cheating, one relating to data theft and one on telephone misuse.

In many cases at the request of the complainants, offenders in minor cases were let off with a warning and admonition but in serious complaints, cases are registered. A total of six cases had been registered and the law had been set in motion.

With the cyber crime cell of the Coimbatore City Police proving their mettle, women who are predominant victims of cyber crime were coming forward to lodge complaints since the police are bringing the offenders to book within a day or two.

Crime unit

Mr. Babu said that a full-fledged cyber crime unit is functioning with personnel adequately trained. Private expertise was also being availed of.

He asked victims to come forward and lodge complaints and promised that anonymity of the affected persons would be ensured.

Mr. Babu asked the public to be cautious in sharing vital information such as bank account number password, pin number, credit card/debit card pin number and e-mail ID.He also advised against sharing confidential information even with best friends.

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