Friday, May 28, 2010

Traffic plan trial on Saturday

As part of the efforts to streamline traffic flow in congested pockets, various measures were being experimented with across the city.

City Police have planned a trial of one-way on Bharathiar Road and VKK Menon Road for one day on Saturday.


The objective of the trial is to ease congestion at Gandhipuram RV Hotel round-about, Bharathiar Road areas.

A release from City Police Commissioner, C. Sylendra Babu said that during the trial period on May 29, vehicles from Women's Polytechnic bound for Gandhipuram would be diverted via Avarampalayam Road and VKK Menon Road.

Vehicles will not be allowed on Bharathiar Road to reach Gandhipuram.

Similarly vehicles from Gandhipuram would have to take the Bharathiar road to reach Women's Polytechnic and proceed further to their intended destination.


From Gandhipuram vehicles will not be allowed on VKK Menon Road.

Vehicles from Aavarampalayam Road will not be allowed to reach Women's Polytechnic and they would have to proceed via VKK Menon Road and take one of the lanes in order to join Bharathiar Road and then subsequently reach Women's Polytechnic.

Mr .Sylendra Babu has requested the people to extend their co-operation for the trial run in a bid to achieve the objective of removing congestion on roads.

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