Saturday, June 12, 2010

Orchid hotels in coimbatore planned,,

Kamat Hotels India Ltd (KHIL) plans to add 600 additional rooms under its brand ‘The Orchid’ all over India. Vishal Kamat, Director, KHIL to Hospitality Biz said, “The Orchid brand will continue to grow through tier I and II locations across India. For KHIL’s premium brand, we plan to tap emerging markets for potential locations.”
KHIL has already started developing properties in Nagpur, Coimbatore, Raipur and Konark. The properties that the company further plans to develop will be set up at greenfield locations. Currently, a 30 room all-suite hotel is being developed in Konark, and a 100-room hotel in Nagpur.
Properties at Coimbatore and Raipur will have 200 and 120 rooms, respectively.
The development work in Nagpur, Coimbatore and Raipur will be completed by 2012.

SOURCE:: dancewithshadow

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