Saturday, June 19, 2010

Students recreate Tamil conference logo

Students of The Camford International School joined the World Classical Tamil Conference celebrations by drawing the logo.
At the school campus in Maniakarampalayam on Friday, nearly 100 students drew the Conference logo on the school ground. School Chairman N. Arul Ramesh said it was drawn on 900 sq.ft. area.
The students used colour powder and crystal salt to come up with logo.
Mr. Ramesh said it the School Principal Phebe Mathew came up with the idea to create awareness on Tamil and the Conference among the students, parents and members of the public.
Volunteers from the school went about informing the public about the drawing and also the Conference. At the School on Friday the Tamil teacher Mythili explained the significance of the logo and the parts thereof. She also recited the poem she penned at the assembly.
The drawing will be accessible for three days.

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