Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inclusivity is a must in innovation

Whenever an innovation is made, a new idea is generated, the focus should also been on inclusion, former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said here recently.
Addressing students at the GD Technical Training Institute in the city, he said, “While we penetrate products and new kinds of services in the market, we should also consider that whenever we innovate and try to generate new ideas, products, process and solutions, we should focus on inclusivity.”
“We should accord top priority to inclusivity, particularly when we are dealing with the society. If we are inclusive in ideas, we will integrate better, we will connect the seam of the society, wherein difference lie today – be it a digital divide or any other divide.”
Speaking on innovation and India's role in the knowledge economy, Mr. Kalam said the information technology sector employed more than two million persons and contributed roughly 25 per cent to Indian exports. And four per cent to GDP. He pointed out the innovation made in consumer items, especially shampoo sachet, cell phone business, health care, among others. India had natural resources and human capital. Though three million graduates and post graduates were passing out every year, the country still lacked employable labour. “There is a large gap in the availability of employable skill. How to bridge this gap is the question. The challenge is how to make many of them as employment generators rather than employment seekers.”

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