Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outdoor lifestyle store opened

Enjoy outdoor space:Products displayed at ‘eLLements' on Race Course Road in Coimbatore. 

Indigo Venture has opened a retail outlet (eLLements) in Coimbatore.
eLLements caters to outdoor needs, including tiles, pottery, swings, garden lights, shades, barbecues, hammocks and furniture. “This is an outdoor solutions company promoting outdoor lifestyle,” says its Managing Partner Sanjay Gulvady.
Coimbatore is the third location for eLLements after Chennai and Hyderabad. It proposes to expand to Kochi and Pune too by the end of this year.
Indigo is primarily a sourcing company for projects, resorts, institutions and spas. It supplies products for outdoor and landscape. According to Mr. Gulvady people enjoy outdoor space, however small it is. The company aims at encouraging people to use the space and add value to outdoor life. Most of the products are for institutions, project developers, cafes and restaurants and these are sourced from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and the U.S.
The company has several customers from Coimbatore and nearby areas, including Tirupur, Erode, the Nilgiris and Kerala. Mosaic tiles made of natural stone (marble, onyx, sandstone, limestone and lava stone), stone tiles made of slate, sandstone, quartzite or limestone, handcrafted natural stone basins, outdoor deck flooring for pool spaces, verandah, patios, pathways, balcony and gardens, oil-treated timber or wood, Inca hammocks and outdoor lighting are available at the store. eLLements provides installation and maintenance for some products. eLLements is located at VJ Centre on the Race Course Road, Coimbatore.

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