Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Students asked to learn as much as possible

For young readers:Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra speaking at the launch of the Newspaper in Education (NIE) initiative of The Hindu at Shree Baldevdas Kikani Vidyamandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School in the city on Tuesday.

Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Ansul Mishra has said that The Hindu has given students a “golden opportunity” to increase their general knowledge through its Newspaper In Education (NIE) programme. It was also a useful in increasing vocabulary.
He was launching the initiative at the Sree Baldevdas Kikani Vidyamandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School here on Tuesday. Sharing the NIE experience at Corporation schools, he said he found the programme useful and that many students had benefited.
He asked the students to take the programme seriously and derive maximum benefit there from. “Learn as much as possible and do it with cent per cent sincerity.”
The significance and the usefulness of the newspaper's initiative were highlighted by none other than the school students, the beneficiaries of the programme. Three of them shared their experience.
R. Mithun, an eighth grader, said last year's programme was “very interesting, informative” and that he had learnt a lot. “Spin a yarn”, ‘Vedic Mathematics' and ‘Inventions and Inventors' were the programmes I enjoyed,” he recalled. M. Almas, a ninth grader, said she learnt the art of public speaking, thanks to the NIE. Narrating a small story, the girl shared with the gathering the need for speaking out one's ideas.
B. Pallavi, a student of XI standard, recalled the opportunity she got to learn about different cultures, particularly Western culture at NIE programmes. She was also happy to share the experience of learning new words.
Tushar R. Kikani, Correspondent of the school, said he was sorry to note that reading habit was on the decline among students. “It is hard to see students or people in general flocking to library or book stores.” Reading helped readers think, form an opinion and thereby take an informed decision. “The most important thing is it lets you form an opinion. Besides, it also widens your horizon and deepens your knowledge.”
J.K. Periasamy, cardiologist, spoke on the need for heart care. He told the students that human heart, which starts functioning from the third month in the womb, continued till the person died and that there was nothing similar to it – functioning non-stop.
Quoting World Health Organisation statistics, he said in 2020 India was poised to become the country with maximum number of heart patients.
G. Satyamurty, Chief of Bureau, The Hindu, Coimbatore, welcomed the gathering. D. Rajkumar, Regional General Manager, proposed a vote of thanks.

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