Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Corpn. will put up best shelters at bus stops: Commissioner

The Coimbatore Corporation has said it had not exhausted options with regard to shelters for passengers waiting at bus stops in the city. The best one would be put up at the stops, Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra said recently.
Reacting to views that the shelters put up so far did not offer cover from rain or harsh sunlight, the Commissioner told presspersons that the civic body had suggested that better models be tried out so that the public were not inconvenienced.
A drop would be provided to the roof of the shelter so that waiting passengers would not get drenched in rain, he said.
“Various models will be examined and a uniform design that is best for the public will be put up at all the stops,” he said.
Agencies for putting 300 shelters across the city had been finalised and 130 shelters had been put up so far. The rest would be put up over the next two months.
The drop would be provided in those existing shelters where rain was likely to drench passengers.
Apart from a watch, temperature indicator and garbage bins, the Corporation was also planning water supply at the shelters.
The Corporation had gone in for the public private partnership mode to put up the shelters. Under this, the private agencies would put up the shelters and maintain them.
This way, the Corporation would be able to provide passenger-friendly shelters without funds commitment on its part.


To charges from councillors that pavements for pedestrians laid ahead of the World Classical Tamil Conference in June were wearing out quickly, the Commissioner said damages occurred only in market areas.
Curing time should be given after laying the pavements and tiles. But, people had not given the time required for it. In spite of the barricades, they walked on the pavements and this led to the tiles wearing off, Mr. Mishra explained.
“There is good feedback from the people on the pavements. But, the challenge for the Corporation lies in maintenance,” he said.

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