Friday, August 27, 2010

‘Drainage scheme implementation being closely monitored'

The Coimbatore Corporation is closely monitoring the implementation of the Rs.377-crore underground drainage scheme. Faulty works are being detected and action initiated, Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra said here recently.
“We have imposed a fine of Rs.1 lakh on a contractor for using poor quality of bricks and for not using sulphate resistant cement that was mandated in the tender conditions,” Mr. Mishra said, referring to the poor quality of work in sewage chambers under construction in Ward 9.
The Commissioner said this was the first case of such nature found so far. This could have happened because it was not possible for Corporation engineers to be present during masonry work.
Inquiries by the Commissioner with the officials concerned also revealed that the contractor had not informed the Corporation that the work was set to begin. “They need to inform us so that we can monitor the work,” Mr. Mishra said. “In this case [at Ward 9], orders have been issued to re-construct five to six sewage chambers.”
The Commissioner convened a meeting of all the contractors involved in the drainage scheme on Wednesday. Meetings with contractors were being held once in 15 days to review the progress of the drainage works. But, the one held on Wednesday was to bring to their attention the issue at Ward 9 and the fine imposed on the contractor, in order to send a clear message that poor quality of work would attract stringent action.
The Commissioner said tight vigil would be maintained during pipeline laying and while providing the right level for the lines to ensure proper flow of sewage. The extra caution during these works was needed in order to avoid problems that could crop up later because of poor implementation.
There would not be any problem with the quality of the pipes because these were being despatched after third party assessment and certification. On the claim of Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam that it detected the case at Ward 9 on Tuesday, the Commissioner said such social auditing was welcome.
All the councillors in the wards covered by the schemes were totally involved in the implementation. They wanted the works to be completed soon and were keeping a watch on the pace and quality of works. Their involvement also helped the Corporation in communicating with the residents on the inevitable time-consuming process of digging roads and relaying them after the lines were laid, the Commissioner said.

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