Sunday, August 22, 2010

Music that transforms

It was like a whiff of early-morning breeze straight form the Andes. Within minutes into the concert of the Summer Duo, I knew that the experience would be something to cherish. As a hushed audience listened at the PSG IM auditorium, French flutist Yohann Egret and classical guitarist Shyamanth Behal embarked on a rendition of Latin American music like never before.
Tango from the 1930s was the first of the evening's symphonies. It was out of this world. From then on, it was just the music and each one in the audience. Music from Peru, with its arpeggios and sudden descends to melody was eye-popping. It created images of spring, of light-footed dancing on the grass, and so on.
“The next piece was composed so as to describe the cold North wind,” said Yohann before starting his solo performance. The light vibrato and occasional airy intonations truly invoked the icy tingle of the cold winter air.
The duo's rendition of four pieces from History of Tango by Argentine composer Ástor Piazzolla was easily one of the highlights of the evening. Lively and bouncy, Shyamanth and Yohann played the story of tango as it moved into the cafes and nightclubs in the early and mid twentieth century. Libertango, also by Ástor Piazzolla was meticulous and passionate. The music that was “written for countries under dictatorship,” according to Yohann formed a fitting finale. 

French flutist Yohann Egret and classical guitarist Shyamanth Behal at the "Summer Duo" concert organised by the Alliance Francaise in Coimbatore on Monday.

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