Thursday, October 14, 2010

Myx and mash - THE HINDU

Myx, the latest entry on Race Course, has already made a mark
Myx is a breath of fresh air south of Avanashi Road. The food's good, not too expensive and the place is quite swanky. Located just below Indulge on Race Course, Myx offers both Indian and East Asian cuisines.
We begin with the apple mojito— a tangy drink with mint and tiny bits of green apple jelly. It's refreshing to say the least and, is a great way to begin your meal or cheer you up for the rest of the day.
Myx's sister concern Indulge is known for its momos. You can get them down here too. The vegetarian momos, stuffed with onion and shreds of carrot, are as good is their chicken filled counterparts. The fried variant, called wantons, is also worth trying.
Nice ambience
Myx's interiors deserve a mention. At night, it wears an amber hue. Lights from tea glasses dot the counter inside, as the starlight and the green garden light streams through the glass walls. It's not surprising, that on all my visits here, I've found more women patrons than men. They just know aesthetics better.
The whole set up— the furniture, the crockery, the woks suspended from the ceiling at the reception, the curtains and pictures on the wall, take it's ambience a notch above the competition. Almost deliberately, to ward of evil eyes perhaps, there is some shabby tape work, at the entrance, displaying the restaurant's name. Coming back to the food, the murgh nishapuri is a good spicy chicken starter. It is tandoor cooked and its Lucknowi spices run deep.
Veg variety
For veggies who want spicy, try the laal wala dum ka paneer or the kalimirch ka paneer, a Myx speciality.
All the starters are quite good. Making a meal out of them is a nice idea.
For the main course, we go for olive naans. Yes, you read it right, olive naans. These naans, coated with olive oil and bits of olive, smell a bit Greek. But they do make everything, you scoop with them, tastier. Try it with the fiery mushroom corn gravy or dum aloo Punjabi. The latter is a time tested delight of little potatoes in a red, medium-spicy gravy. It goes well with anything.
In the Chinese menu, the diced chicken in black pepper sauce is recommended. Not only does it work wonders for any simple nose and throat ailments, but also makes a good takeaway. Sit with a tub of it watching films on a rainy night. It has succulent chicken pieces, fresh off the bird, with a really fresh flavour. The spicy sliced lamb Peking style is also a good bet. It has a soothing tomato flavour going for it and, it's really not that spicy. But those fond of the earthy flavour of lamb, may find it hard to gather as it is camouflaged well with the sauces and spices.
I am partial towards desserts. If I remember Myx for anything, it is the date filled pancake, honey coated and served with ice cream. It's crispy yet chewy. Delicious.
 Weekends can be crowded. Take a menu home with you so you can place your orders on phone, before you leave. The waiters, cute that they are, can be too slow and steady for your appetite.

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