Saturday, November 27, 2010

Corpn. buys new equipment to clean sewers

The Coimbatore Corporation armed itself with three new vehicles to clear choked sewers and pump out water from low-level areas.
Anshul Mishra, Commissioner, said the civic body had bought a jetting-cum-suction lorry and two suction lorries at Rs. 53.5 lakh.
The jetting-cum-suction lorry would flush water with heavy force into the chocked area in sewers and manholes. The suction vehicles would pump out water, sullage and sewage from low-level areas, roads, etc.
Mr. Mishra said the civic body bought the vehicles to better the implementation of the underground drainage (UGD) scheme.
At present, the civic body had a vehicle which catered to the needs of the 23 wards that were covered by the UGD scheme. The wards had 3,000 manholes and 24 km of sewerage.
The Commissioner also said that the civic body went in for the machines after the Supreme Court ordered ban on deployment of conservancy workers to clean sewers.
The new machines' usefulness would be felt once the Corporation extended the UGD scheme to all the 72 wards. Then the number of manholes would go up to 20,000 and sewerage lines to 650 km.
A Corporation official said the machines would be able to clear small block within three hours and big ones in six hours.

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