Thursday, November 18, 2010

Man attempts to spin 500 tops in five minutes in Coimbatore

A man tried to spin 500 tops in five minutes in Coimbatore in an attempt to create a new record.
Umit Raja, who has already mastered the skill of spinning 60 tops a minute, used his three fingers to rotate them.
"For a difference, I have tried to spin tops using my three fingers. To make things interesting and challenging I have attempted to make a record of spinning 60 tops in 60 seconds revolving in one go," said Raja.
Aishwarya, a spectator, said that she liked the idea of using fingers instead of threads to spin the toy.
"I came to know that a man was rotating tops using just three fingers, I did not believe it. I came to see this, and it was very amazing. In my childhood, I also used to rotate tops, using ropes, but he rotates tops only by his three fingers. It was really amazing to see that," said Aishwarya.
Raja admitted that he has had a fascination with tops since his childhood. He said the record would help children to play with an almost forgotten toy. 

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