Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foot overbridge of AFAC inaugurated

 A foot overbridge (Akash Setu) connecting the two campuses of Air Force Administrative College (AFAC) was inaugurated here recently.
Air Commodore Ajay Masson, Commandant, AFAC, opened the bridge for use. The bridge has come up to provide safe passage to the AFAC personnel and their families who otherwise had to cross the busy Kamaraj Road to gain access to either of the campuses. The road is a major link between Avanashi Road and Tiruchi Road.
It has a ground clearance of 18 feet and stands on pillars that have been erected on the AFAC premises.
It was constructed by Military Engineering Services of the IAF under a contract with Kumar Agencies.
The cost of the project was borne by the IAF.
This is the second foot overbridge in the city after the one connecting PSG College of Technology with PSG Institute of Management. The PSG bridge was constructed to avert accidents involving students of the institutions due to high vehicular traffic on Avanashi Road.

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