Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Alapenos is originally concieved by two friends Shiva Kumar Thamilavel and Devi Arul Mozhi Durairaj software professionals from United States of America. Their passion for food and the inspiration they derived from some of of the top notch food joints of states sow seeds to come up with the global cuisine restaurant in India.

Friendship of the Guiness world record winner and Celebrity Chef Jacob Sahaya Aruni came as a turning point to this duo's aspiration. Chef is instrumental in getting their dream project a l a p e n o s come true. Chef Jacob serve as a pillar with his astounding support and partnership with the duo.

 The project was launched successfully on Feb 24, 2011

 a l a p e n o s  - Signature of good taste celebrates food, good will and friendship
Come join the feast!

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