Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Robotics experts visit school

BVM Global @ Karpagam campus school brought in robotics experts for an interaction with students.
Masao Ishihara and Hiromi Marimoto demonstrated the use of robotics in kindling thinking ability in children. A release from the school says the experts explained the concept of ‘Creative-Computing Robotics' to students of class III to VIII.
A total of 150 students, including those from neighbouring schools, attended the two-day programme.
The session was divided into three parts: in the first Prof. Ishihara demonstrated the features of programming; in the second the explained power of simulation; and in the third he demonstrated ‘The Tentomoshi', a robo-lady bird.
The release says the children were thrilled to touch, feel the robot and also manoeuvre its movements.
At last the two experts demonstrated a humanoid, which had about 18 movements.
“This was the highlight of the workshop, which kept the children inspired and in awe.”
Besides demonstration, Prof Ishihara and Mr. Marimoto interacted with the young ones.
The release quoting them says, “Robotics connects various disciplines, particularly maths, physics and computer applications.”
The visit of the two Japanese was in keeping with the school's concept of creating a free learning environment.
The school is also planning to introduce robotics in its curriculum, the release adds.

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